Paris Jackson's Crusade to Destroy Headlines About Her and Her Late Father

MJ's daughter wants the tabloids to just leaver her alone.

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Just days after making a rare red carpet appearance for her godfather, Macaulay Culkin’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, Paris Jackson took to social media to talk about her new mission to stop paparazzi from publishing stories about her and her late father, Michael Jackson.

In a video posted to Instagram, Paris Jackson talked about an encounter she had with a TMZ writer who has tried to interview her so often that she knows her whole routine, “There’s this chick that works for TMZ…she’s always been very nice to me. I swear every time she tries to ask me questions she almost gets hit by a car or something. Thankfully she stayed on the sidewalk today.”


The Swarm actress went on to explain what the writer wanted to ask her about rapper Offset’s new Michael Jackson tattoo. This year the Migos rapper got the “Remember the Time” singer’s face tatted on his stomach, a piece of art that his wife Cardi B is not too fond of. Unfortunately for TMZ, Paris took it upon herself to reveal her answer to the question on her own social media saying, “I guess Offset just got a tattoo for my dad or something like that? That’s cool and all… I’m not really like in the business of commenting on what other people do with their bodies, because it’s none of my f*cking business. So I just figured this was going to pop up in the next day or two so I wanted to steal TMZ’s headline from them so that it’s not news anymore.”


The 25-year-old has had her fair share of media attention in life, with stories ranging from her issues with addiction as a teenager to her struggles with mental health, and even people talking about her looks. So she already knows that speaking about another celebrity to the paparazzi would likely not go over well, even if the comment was positive.


This year she’s made it her duty to create boundaries with her followers, news sites. Just a couple of months ago she received messages to kill herself from her father’s fans for not posting a tribute for what would’ve been his 65th birthday. So it’s no surprise that she’s getting ahead of negativity while she can.